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Nirmal Ghimire,

known by the studio name


I am professionally a designer and frontend developer. I have 6 years of experience in designing and 5 years in developing. My graphic design style is minimal, and my taste in digital art leans towards Japanese retro, surrealism, and experimental psychedelia. When it comes to interface and web design, my style is modern, minimalistic, and futuristic.

Currently, I am developing softwares & shortform videos @ Kuhiro Studio Previously I worked @ CEI, as a Multimedia Designer.

My designs are often inspired by R&B and indie rock/pop music, and I draw inspiration from nature and its anomalies to create surreal pieces. I experimentally code the frontend, so most of my websites may not be fully optimized (haha). However, I always strive to deliver optimized and minimal code to my clients.

I engage in design and art when I have writer’s block and switch to coding when I face an artistic block. I love how designing and developing are my parallel passions.

I was born in the Arghakhanchi of Nepal and raised in Butwal.


This is the goodest picture I have until 2023.
Nirmal on stage waiting for the Battle of presentation's result.
Me standing on the stage giving speech on ICT formation programme.
Nirmal operating computer at battle of presentation 2018
Nirmal operating computer at battle of presentation 2018
Nirmal teaching CS to grade 9 student from remote Nepal.





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